Takeout Diet. Six Simple Steps to Health

Diets fail. For 80% of all people who embark on lifestyle changes.

Instead of doing more, do less. Start with these six changes

Action – take out these six items

Take out added sugar

Sugar is inflamatory. Stop eating any food or food product with added sugar. Whole fruit. Not too much

Take out simple carbs

Depending on your goals, take out while flour and white rice. Eat whole foods. Not food products.

Take out calorie counter

Take out a calorie counter for six weeks. This helps get your mind to understand how much food. Do not obsess. Just learn.

Take out some food 2 days a week

For 2 days or some days, take out some food, to get intake=activity

Take out sitting down

Don’t sit for more than 30 mins at a time. Health improves

Take out seed oils

Avoid poly unsaturated seed oils and stay with olive

Read my book. Avoid food fads

Thousands of books. Millions of ways to take your money. Keep it simple

Read my book

  • Restore confidence in yourself.
  • No guilt
  • Get support from your friends.

Take Out Diet

  • A book of thought-provoking articles.
  • Case studies showing results.
  • Never need another book or podcast.

“The takeout diet gave me confidence to undertand how I could control my own weight and health.”

Tony Nash

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