Evaluate and Plan

3LeggedStoolHumans are complex. Health is a interaction between biochemistry, Brain and mental, and our social  and human behaviours.

Science is  compartmentalised and regrettably health recommendations today fail to take account of the compartmentalisation.  Biochemists probably do not talk to a psychologist and medical researchers don’t seem to talk to anthropologists, and they probably don’t talk to dentists or population biologists. Worse still, research carries on in each of these areas, and it is clear that science results are confounded. Why do 80% of diets fail? Something is not working. Diets are not based on integration of the data from each area.

“Don’t eat added sugar” popularised by researchers or authors such as Prof Lustig, or David Gillespie of “Sweet Poison” says exclude added sugar from your diet. The basis of this recommendation is the scientific evidence from biochemistry, endocrinology and genetics and in particular the role of insulin. But sugar has been added to most processed food, and unless you want to abandon socialising; stop eating “treats”; abandon years of behaviour you will fail.

I believe we need a system approach to health. Not the current reductionist approach.  It is critical if you want to be healthier, and it explains the seemingly contrary advice from specialists.

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