Why this book?

BooksThousands of books. Billions of dollars. But society is continuing to get fatter, more un-healthy, and what to do about it stumped me.

I was officially overweight. Was that important for my health?

I was about to turn 60, and knew I was likely to live to at least 100 years, and had been telling family and friends that I was going to live to 120. So something needed to change if I did not wind up dribbling to a room full of strangers in my mid- nineties. Or worse not speaking to the intensive care unit nurse at the age of 65 due to a cardiovascular “incident”.

I knew looking after yourself was necessary, but what was based on good science, what was poor or compromised science, and what was fiction. Could one take steps to be more healthy and live for another 60 years? Come with me to discover some simple science, evidence based truths.

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