The Take-Out Diet

Low hanging fruitThere is 58 chapters. There is much science to cover. Most are 2 to 3 pages. Enough to present, but not too much to confuse. Some good science but a lot of “mythology” and dogma. I have tried to not use references earlier than 2008 if possible, as advances in genetic research, in endocrinology and molecular biochemistry and computer technology allow us to do things and see things that just were not possible 5 years ago.

My conclusion from books, science publications, and a lifetime of business is there are 6 things to take-out of your life to get better health. And loose weight as well back to a normal weight. These six low hanging fruit”. Low hanging fruit are those easily captured benefits which require very little effort. Most changes are actually very hard to do long term because they require consistent and persistent effort.

These 6 take-out actions will give a “life-style” change.


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